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Monday, December 2, 2013

Balwisyall Nescell gungnir tron

Been pretty busy with life and photography for a while so blogging was postponed a bit. Anyway, we start off with some spoilers for Symphogear G!

I'm still waiting for my package of Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou before I start putting up whatever stock I will have leftover and whatnot. That will also come with a review of the set as soon as I can get started on it. I'm still working with the Tournament Report we had two weeks ago with the Format Twist. I digress though, with December hitting off hard on the wallet -you can pretty expect much more wallet drain this month- Bushiroad has started us off with Symphogear G spoilers.

Starting off: Tachibana Hibiki!

Entrusted Song, Hibiki
SGW27-005R CH
Yellow || Level 0 || Cost 0 || Trigger
1500 Power || 1 Soul || «Music»

[AUTO] [①] When this card is played from your Hand to your Stage, you may pay the stated cost. If you do, choose 1 Gungnir from your Waiting Room, and return it to your Hand.

Starting off is Gungnir user at Level 0. Those familiar with the old set already know that a similar card exist and now Bushiroad is throwing us a Gungnir Bond card. Not much to say about this aside from the fact that it retrieves both Gungnir cards -assuming the two sets are compatible which is pretty likely no?-

With the Symphogear counterpart being a Level 2 that salvages the Event target, some people are going to be taking this up as a one slot for a faster salvaging. My only problem with this is that it is not a targetable Hibiki for the Event Change...

Art wise I find the card bland, then again, most cards in the game are pretty bland since they are mostly -read as almost every set- comprised of screenshots. Bleh...

So what does this set's Gungnir look like? Let's take a look at the Event card!

SGW27-024R EV
Yellow || Level 2 || Cost 1 || Trigger

You may choose one of your Level 2 and above Characters with Hibiki in it’s name, and place it into your Clock. If you do, choose one "Striking Spear – Gungnir" Hibiki from your Waiting Room, play it onto any Border on your Stage, and your opponent cannot activate any [AUTO] Encore abilities until the end of this turn. (This applies to the [AUTO] Encore [③] in the rulings as well.) Place this card into your Memory.

An Event Rare? More Rare Events huzzah!!!

It differs from the original Gungnir card as:
  • It targets a completely different card
  • It sends your target to the Clock instead of the Waiting Room
  • It prevents your Opponent from any pesky Encore activation for the turn as opposed to the measly +1000 Power

    This, in my opinion at least, offers a better late game play than the first. The first one was used most for the early Change target as Tachibana Hibiki provided a Heal effect. The new target offers something that is not a Heal effect when coming into play, instead offering us a little bit in the extra Damage in helping push our Opponent off the edge!

    “Striking Spear – Gungnir” Hibiki
    SGW27-002RR CH
    Yello || Level 3 || Cost 2 || Trigger 1
    10000 Power || 2 Soul || «Music»

    [CONT] When you have three or more other «Music» characters on your Stage, this card gains +1000 Power.

    [CONT] This card cannot be selected as a target for your opponent’s effects.

    [AUTO] This ability can only be activated once per turn. During the turn this card is played onto your Stage from your Hand or via the effect of Gungnir, when the damage this card deals is cancelled, you may deal 1 damage to your opponent. (Apply damage cancellation as per normal.)

    As I stated above I find that the Symphogear G cards provide a better late game play than its Symphogear counterpart. A Hexproof card that has a Shot effect when coming into play from hand or through the Event is pretty neat. Furthermore, the Event in question prevents them from doing any Hand Encore or Rule Encore. Still possible to bring back their Characters depending on the Set they're playing, but nonetheless still something to think about Late Game.

    Even then, the card is pretty useful if you're up against a match up with heavy Field Presence.

    All in all the usefulness of these Cards are debatable. Some prefer the old one as obvious with the Heal effect you get, some others find this mediocre, and some find it viable. Only time will tell!

    Symphogear players: Hibiki gets a nay or a yay?
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